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Falz is the only Nigerian artist that can be likened to Fela, see reasons why

It is safe to say that Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the greatest Nigerian artist ever. Despite his smoking and womanizing habits, the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afro-beat music genre and human rights activist had a legacy and that is why after 21 years of his death he is still being remembered till this day and an annual music fest called “Felabration” is being conducted in memory of him.

Fela was a man of the people, he was the voice of those who couldn’t speak up, Fela was a man who continually used his music as a tool for change and to instigate social change and he strongly believed that colonialism was the root of the socio-economic and political problems that plagued the African people.

Unlike Fela, today a lot of Nigerian artists focus on the flashy and pageantry that surrounds life and they want to be likened to Fela just because they also smoke, carry women and make good music. These artists continually declare their love for Fela and call him their role model and they always show up to perform at his annual music fest “Felabration”, but I bet you if Fela was alive he will be so disappointed on how these artists have used their fame, voice, and platform to speak up and fight for the democracy of our country Nigeria.

This is not the case of the Bahd guys record rapper, Folarin Falana. The lawyer & rapper Falz is the only Nigerian artist who is treading this path without caution, fear or considering the possible repercussions. On his song “This is Nigeria” the rapper addressed a lot of disturbing issues which is slowing becoming a norm in the country. After the release of the song, the singer was under attack by MURIC (Muslim Rights concern) who threatened to take legal actions against the singer for the video for the song but Falz didn’t succumb to the pressure from the group as he went further to throw a subtle shade at the Islamic group in his new song “Talk”, in which he said “Brother Muri shout finish we no see am for court”

The singer/rapper is set to release his 4th studio album “Moral Instruction” which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, and the album is also aimed at addressing major problems plaguing the country and this is why Falz is the only Nigerian artist that can be likened to Fela currently.


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