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Lil Kesh-I don’t regret singing Logo Benz Despite the glaring implications in the lyrics

After the release of his latest single, Logo Benz, Lil Kesh was heavily attacked on social media for promoting cyber fraud and ritual practices by these fraudsters known as ‘yahoo boys’. Well, the singer who initially denied it, appears to still be standing by his words.

Despite the glaring implications in the lyrics which in the chorus says “If money no enter i go do blood money o.,” Lil Kesh still insists he has no regret singing the song. In a recently interview with Sunday Scoop, he explained his reasons for singing the song.

According to Lil Kesh  the song which was inspired by the things happening on social media has been able to create awareness about the dangers of yahoo rituals

He Says”

“Logo Benz was inspired by things we saw on social media and in our environment. One of the trending news now is how people are stealing pants for money rituals. One of those things they buy with the money is Benz cars. We thought we should do a song about it and create awareness; this is what we have been doing as musicians. But I guess people got the wrong impression. 

When it came out, it was heavily criticized and people felt we were promoting money rituals. I understood why it happened because some parts of the lyrics were not too clear. If we had looked for a better way to put the story out there, people would have understood it better.” 


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