Pastor was publicly humiliated after he was allegedly caught sleeping with wife of his members in Benin, Edo state

Pastor Innocent of Army Power Ministry was publicly humiliated after he was allegedly caught with the wife of one of his members in Benin, Edo state

In a video going viral online, Pastor Innocent is seen confessing to sleeping with the wife of a church member.

The pastor and the woman were caught in the act by the woman’s son who then raised alarm, attracting members of the community. The pastor was then stripped of his shirt and taken to an uncompleted building where he was beaten. He then confessed to the act.

“How e take happen?” members of the community can be heard asking.

“I’ll talk. Let me talk abeg,” Pastor Innocent pleaded.

He went on: “Yes, na true. Everything na true.”

The son of the woman who caught the pastor with his mother can be heard in the background asking the pastor to narrate what happened and how.

The pastor said: “Me and your mama. Yes…. We we we sleep together for Aduawa.”

Someone can be heard suggesting that they kill him but another voice can be heard opposing to it, saying, “No touch am oh. No touch am.”

The son of the woman involved with the pastor asked him three times, “You sleep with my mama?” and each time the pastor replied, “Yes”.

He proceeded to ask the pastor in whose room he had intercourse with his mother, and the pastor replied: “Una house.

Watch the video below.



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